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  • KSh 6,000.00

    Intensive treatment 1-week Anti-aging and lifting.
    Stimulates epidermal renewal, smoothes wrinkles and helps repair the effects of aging. Treatment for all skin types that show signs of aging and / or acidity. Recovers and maintains lost elasticity, firmness and nutrition.

  • KSh 23,000.00

    Rejuvenating Cream.
    Restores the elasticity, hydration, and radiance lost. Helps to reduce significantly the appearance of multiple signs of aging thanks to its intense hydration and nourishment. Skin is revitalized and looks its best. Contains sunscreen (SPF15).

  • KSh 9,000.00

    Renewing nourishing peeling.
    Renewing peeling with AHAs. Specifically formulated to regenerate and nourish in depth. Stimulates cell regeneration, increasing hydration.

  • KSh 8,000.00

    Intensive Rejuvenating Concentrate.
    Ultra concentrate with a melting texture and an intense rejuvenating action that restores and maintains lost elasticity, hydration, and nourishment. Stimulates epidermal renewal and repairs skin alterations affected by aging.

  • KSh 18,000.00

    Global anti-aging cream.
    Powerful formulation with more than 20 active ingredients. Gold, as the main active ingredient, multiplies the response capacity against free radicals, acidity, wrinkles, extreme dehydration, and hyperpigmentation due to photoaging. Contains sunscreen (SPF 20).

  • KSh 8,000.00

    Intensive Rejuvenating Mask.
    Powerful combination of active ingredients with global anti-aging effect. Nourishes, regenerates, and prevents the formation of peroxides, which are responsible for cell deterioration. Brightening and smoothing properties.

  • KSh 18,000.00

    Triple action tightening cream.
    With an effective restructuring action, it reduces wrinkles and expression lines as well as tightening the skin. Redefines the oval of the face, relieves muscle tension, and reinforces the firming action.

  • KSh 8,000.00

    Triple Action Refreshing Mousse.
    Cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. With a great capacity to retain water. It contains cereals and natural extracts of peach, apple, aloe vera, and ginseng. Highly nourishing, regenerating, and softening ingredients. It calms irritations and protects all skin types.

  • KSh 8,000.00

    Firming concentrate with lifting effect.
    Reinforces the capacity of the tissues to retain water, causing the cells to be properly hydrated and the epidermis to appear smooth and elastic. Repairs skin strength and resistance. Powerful skin and neck firming agent that helps fight sagging.

  • KSh 8,000.00

    Antioxidant and anti-free radical concentrate.
    Ultra-intensive renewing concentrate. Powerful antioxidant and cellular regenerator that visibly improves skin condition due to increased hydration by the stimulation of collagen proliferation.

  • KSh 9,000.00

    Firming and moisturizing cream.
    Restructures the tissue in depth and intensely firms the skin at a superficial level. Redefines the facial contours and provides smoothness with immediate effect.

  • KSh 11,000.00

    Anti-free radicals cream.
    Light creamy antioxidant emulsion that prevents the first signs of aging.
    Protective against free radicals, pollution, and stress.

  • KSh 5,000.00

    Unique and complete treatment for the specific care of the eye contour. With a lifting effect, it reduces wrinkles, under-eye puffiness, and signs of fatigue. Decongests and has an anti-stress effect. Contains: Enzimatic Peeling (5 u. x 2 gr.) / Excellence Bio Complex (10 u. x 2 ml.) / Eye Contour Cream (20 ml.) / Eye Contour Mask (20 ml.)

  • KSh 2,000.00

    Immediate tightening concentrate.
    Reduces signs of tiredness and fatigue. Intensely rehydrates and brings vitality to the skin. Redensifies the tissue, diminishing expression lines and wrinkles.

  • KSh 4,000.00

    Renewal soapy cleanser. Gently cleans, renews and normalizes sebaceous secretions. Exfoliates the stratum corneum respecting the physiological balance of the skin and tissue oxygenation, revitalizing and improving the texture and appearance of the skin. All this illuminates and evens skin tone, and enhances the penetration of active ingredients increasing the effectiveness of the products that are applied later

    Indicated for all skin types, especially:
    • Dry, dehydrated, rough and scaly skin.
    • Skins with lack of elasticity and flexibility.
    • Dull skin, lack of splendor and comfort.
    • Acneic skins, post-acne marks, scars or keloids and miliums.

    Ingredients: AHAs (Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and Citric acid), PARABEN FREE / MINERAL OILS FREE.


    How to use: Apply to face and neck slightly moistened with a gentle circular massage. Remove with water. Use daily, morning and/or  evening.

  • KSh 9,900.00

    Renewing Gel.
    With keratolytic and renewing properties, it stimulates skin regeneration. It decongests the tissues and, thanks to its great capacity to retain water, soothes and moisturizes.